Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How much does ClearVote cost?

The pricing of voting solutions has many variables depending on size of the jurisdiction, polling places and the needs of each specific election jurisdiction. ClearCast is one part of Clear Ballot's overall voting solution. The ClearVote solution is built from Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) components to ensure the maximum useful life. Technology prices are continually dropping as component prices drop and Clear Ballot intends to ride that curve and continue to provide the most cost-competitive voting solutions in the marketplace offering the lowest total cost of ownership to our customers.

Q: Do I need to purchase every part of ClearVote if I don’t need a full voting system?

No. The ClearVote voting system is a modular solution allowing jurisdictions to select which components best meet their needs.

ClearAudit, the first independent, automated audit tool can be purchased independently of the voting system, ClearVote. ClearAudit is also a reporting tool that can be used for ballot inventory, tracking and sorting.

ClearCount, a central count, absentee voting system can also be used independently of ClearVote. ClearCount can tabulate ballots created by all major voting systems allowing it to be used without ClearDesign, the ballot creation component of the ClearVote voting system.

Q: What states are you certified in?

ClearVote and some of its modules are certified in the following states: ClearVote is certified in Oregon; ClearCount is certified as a central count, absentee system in New York and ClearAudit is approved for use in Florida.

Q: Are you federally certified?

ClearVote solutions were designed to meet all federal voting system standards put forth by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission whose Voluntary Voting System Guidelines (VVSG). Clear Ballot will be entering the federal certification process this year.

Q: Why are you still using paper?

The use of paper is governed by state statute. It is not a technology decision but a political decision. At Clear Ballot, we see the use of paper in our technologies as a link, or bridge, between the current legacy systems and the future of voting technology. Additionally, the paper ballot is the only known voting method that preserves a durable record of the voter’s intent. It is the most auditable and widely used medium for showing transparency in the voting process. That said, we are developing products that fit every type of voter, in jurisdictions large and small, always with an eye towards the future. 

Q: What jurisdictions use your voting equipment?

ClearVote election technology is currently certified in Oregon, Florida and New York. We have also done successful pilots in New York, Colorado, Vermont and California.

Q: Does Clear Ballot have an accessible voting solution?

Collectively the ClearVote voting solutions include a fully-accessible unit called ClearAccess based on commercially available tablets, laptops, or all-in-one computers. ClearAccess is currently in the marketplace and has been thoroughly field-tested by individuals and groups with varying accessibility challenges including cognitive disabilities, mobility impairment, low or no vision and hearing impairments.

Q: Does your system help voters vote faster?

The ClearCast unit uses the Intel® NUC, an off-the-shelf mini PC kit allowing it to have a faster ballot processing time than any other unit on the market. ClearCast also has a superior user interface that reduces the overall cycle time of voters through the voting process than currently available legacy voting equipment. 

Q: Why is your company better than other election technology providers?

Clear Ballot is the first new voting technology company to enter the market in a decade.  We are entering the market because a tremendous number of election officials are not satisfied with the options from which they have to choose.  Voting systems that were purchased just six or seven years ago are now obsolete, require unreasonable investment to maintain, or are otherwise unsustainable. What Clear Ballot is bringing to the market is the most innovative and transparent technology the elections industry has ever seen. With our pending federal certification, we will be able to provide election officials with a next generation alternative to the legacy voting systems providers that will offer greater cost control, eliminate hardware obsolescence, and provide the most transparent election platform ever.