Why Clear Ballot?

We have built—from the ground up—the first new voting system in a generation. We have raised the bar for speed, accuracy, and transparency to deliver what no voting system has ever had: visual verification of voter intent.

Our revolutionary system incorporates the insight from officials across the country to manage the complexity inherent in elections. In solving today’s problems, Clear Ballot prepares jurisdictions for tomorrow’s challenges. 

Eliminate paper handling

Clear Ballot innovation removes the source of delay and error: paper handling. When a recount or an audit is required, absentee and early voting ballots must be sorted and counted manually. With the Clear Ballot solution, ballots are handled once—when they are scanned. The high-resolution ballot images are tabulated, adjudicated, and stored in the election library. The paper can be sent to the warehouse.

Report accurate results quickly

The Clear Ballot solution ensures consistent and accurate results. Fujitsu scanners can process ballots much faster than legacy voting systems do. The high-resolution ballot images are stored securely, and the vote ovals from each contest are linked to a variety of reports. Officials can examine preliminary results, visually verify and adjudicate unreadable ballots, and generate contest reports digitally—a much faster and more efficient process.

Resolve close elections

The power of visual verification is revealed when election results are close. In ClearVote, each voter-marked oval in the contest report is linked to its corresponding ballot. All overvotes, undervotes, and marginal marks can be reviewed by the election officials or canvassing board, providing instant verification without additional ballot handling. The results can also be reviewed with all election stakeholders, giving candidates and their supporters convincing evidence of the likely outcome of a careful manual recount, and allowing jurisdictions to avoid incurring the unbudgeted costs of a lengthy recount.

Handle ballot inventory & tracking

Keeping track of the ballots themselves is crucial. The provenance information for each ballot allows any election official to identify the scanner used, the operator who scanned that ballot, the precinct the voter is registered in, the ballot style, and the ballot’s physical storage location, the box itself and the position within the box. Paper ballots are out of the way, yet easier to retrieve.

Spend public funds wisely

The Clear Ballot solution integrates a browser-based user interface with commercial-off-the-shelf scanners to deliver a scalable, cost-effective infrastructure for conducting and auditing elections. Election department staff does not need retraining on idiosyncratic features of legacy systems. The scanners, which are available in different sizes, can be networked to process ballots for elections large and small.

Build trust in the election process

The volume of data available and the speed and ease of access to it supports prompt, constructive engagement with all election stakeholders, giving election officials the opportunity to build trust through transparency, particularly when elections are close.