Accessible ballot marking solution


ClearAccess is an in-person ballot marking system designed to ensure access for all voters.

Operating on unmodified off-the-shelf touchscreen computers, ClearAccess software captures voters’ choices and prints machine-readable ballots that can be scanned and tabulated within the same processing stream as voter-marked ballots.


ClearAccess has been developed with input from the disabled voting community to deliver a solution that supports both independence and privacy and ensures that all votes are counted fairly and accurately. 


ClearAccess is built on research and prototypes developed for the Anywhere Ballot, a project funded by an Election Assistance Commission grant to design accessible voting technology that can be integrated into any voting system. The design of this digital ballot integrates a well-tested voting method into the ClearVote election system.


ClearAccess responds directly to the budgetary constraints of election jurisdictions that, in turn, must accommodate an aging voting population. By avoiding proprietary systems that require a parallel process, ClearAccess provides a cost-effective solution for all jurisdictions.

At the ballot marking station voters mark ballots on an intuitive user-interface. Voters can use the touchscreen option or other assistive technology devices. 

ClearAccess Voting

A review screen is provided at the end of voting allowing the voter to preview selections and go back to each contest if needed.

Once the voter has completed the ballot marking process he or she will print the machine marked ballot and place it in a ballot box. 

ClearAccess Review Screen

For a complete product brochure on ClearAccess click the link below.

Download ClearAccess brochure.