Automated, independent election audit for all voting systems


The first independent, automated election audit system

ClearAuditTM is the nation’s first independent, automated audit tool, providing a visual comparison to the voting system results.  By replacing manual audits, ClearAudit software eliminates the labor-intensive and costly sorting process and the inaccuracy inherent in physical ballot handling. Scanned ballots are sorted digitally and provide visual verification of election results. ClearAudit can analyze ballots produced by all major voting systems.


ClearAudit software has no connection to the voting system. This independence, along with powerful visual verification tools, allows you to show all stakeholders the likely outcome of a recount, building trust through transparency.


Ballots are tabulated as they are scanned and then stored for retention. High resolution ballot images are instantly available in an election library and results are sorted by precinct or tabulator automatically.


Because ClearAudit software can process the ballot styles of every major voting system, any state can establish a standard, uniform procedure for election auditing.

The Comparison of Votes Cast report displays the ClearAudit results compared with the voting system results allowing Election Officials to get a second tabulation of election results independent of the voting system results. 

ClearAudit also allows Election Officials to view any discrepancies in the two systems and determine what caused them.  


This video gives an overview of the ClearAudit reporting tool where Election Officials can view vote visualization and determine voter intent.

Here you can see how quickly ClearAudit can resolve a close race. 

For a complete product brochure on ClearAudit or the ClearAudit test report click the links below. 

Download ClearAudit brochure.
Download the ClearAudit Test Report

ClearAudit in Leon County

Below is a summary of the 2014 General Election audit in Leon County, Florida. Clear Ballot audited 100% of Leon County votes in a fraction of the time spent in previous years to audit one precinct. Results showed zero discrepancy in ballot count. 

For full access to Leon County reports log in with your credentials here.

Leon County

Step 1 - Dashboard

Verify count of paper ballots equals the count of ballot images after resolving all unreadable ballots.
Here we can see all 31 unreadable ballots (red circles) were resolved resulting in no ballot discrepancies (green circle).
Click on the reports drop down menu (blue circle) to get to the Comparison of Votes Cast Report.


Step 2 - Comparison of Votes Cast 

Analyze vote differences between the voting system and ClearAudit. Note when there are no differences in the ballot count, differences in the vote count are due to independent methods of assessing voter intent. For example here we see a one vote difference in the Representative in Congress 2nd Congressional District race.
By clicking on the vote count per ClearAudit (i.e. 69,739) we see the visualization of voter intent.


Step 3 - Vote Visualization 

The Oval Visualization Report sorts all voted ovals in descending order displaying the least confident votes for a candidate first, so any marginal marks can be seen immediately. 
While we don't know how the voting system adjudicated any vote, it appears likely that it missed one of the last votes.
Clicking on the oval brings up the entire ballot. Voter intent is obvious.

Leon Ovals