Central count tabulation, consolidation and election reporting


ClearCount is the nation’s first browser-based central count tabulation system.

Integrated with Fujitsu and ibml commercial scanners, ClearCount can tabulate ballots created by all major voting systems. Its high-speed scanning capabilities and easy to learn visual software, is an economical solution for all counties.


One size does not fit all. High-speed, commercial scanners allow optimal throughput for every county, providing small, mid-sized, and large counties a solution customized to their needs and budgets


ClearCount tabulates and stores a high resolution ballot image, then uses its ballot inventory system to digitally sort and catalog all scanned ballots.  The visual reporting tools generate sortable contest, batch, and precinct reports, creating a visual connection to each ballot and how it was adjudicated.


ClearCount provides election officials with the first modern solution for tabulation and reporting. Commercial off the shelf components paired with browser based reporting capabilities gives election officials a level of transparency they've never had before. 

The ClearVote voting system is the first vote visualization solution built to meet the needs of election officials. This screenshot from the ClearCount software shows voted ovals for a given contest.

Each oval links to a high resolution ballot image giving election officials greater transparency when reviewing an election and determining voter intent. 

ClearCount Screenshot

Adjudicating write-in votes is an easy 3 step process in ClearCount. Watch this short video for more information. 

The best solution for small counties.

This includes all election needs in one small case. Contents include the following: 

2 fi-7180 Fujitsu scanners, 3 Laptops (1 server, 2 scanstations), 1 Router, Installation DVD, External hard drive (election backup), Ballot guides, USBs, Power supplies, Target cards and Ethernet cables 



For a complete product brochure on ClearCount click the link below. 

Download ClearCount Brochure.