Innovation for our Nation’s Elections

Introducing ClearVoteTM, the first Vote VisualizationTM system
designed to meet the needs of election officials.

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Innovation for the Nation's Election

Ballot Review Screen

Statement of Votes

A summary of votes for each candidate - linking to vote visualization

Ballot Review Screen

Vote Visualization

A visual depiction of the electorates intent, allowing Election Officials to quickly determine if ballots need review 

Ballot Review Screen

Ballot Review

Ovals link to each ballot image to determine voter intent by reviewing all contests on a ballot 

Eliminate paper handling

Report accurate results quickly

Resolve close elections

Handle ballot inventory & tracking

Spend public funds wisely

Build trust in the election process

What people think...

“This is really remarkable stuff. They should use this everywhere…we had three people scanning for a period of about two weeks. They would scan about 3-4 hours a day, and they had it all done.

  • Mark Earley
  • Voting Systems Manager
  • Leon County, Florida

"The ClearVote voting system has been easy to use and intuitive. The adjudication process required two people for only 45 minutes, improving the efficiency in our processes.

  • Art Harvey
  • Josephine County Clerk and Recorder
  • Josephine County, Oregon

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