Election Day Voting

Meet ClearCast Go, Clear Ballot’s next generation precinct tabulator: modern software meets rugged hardware. With quick scan times and an intuitive user interface for both poll workers and voters, ClearCast Go is designed to keep you current as election technology advances.

The digital-scan, precinct tabulator

Easy to use

Easy to use

Quick and simple setup that allows poll workers to open and close polls in under 2 minutes

Log in screen
Fast rabbit

Cutting-edge software

Intuitive, modern interface with unmatched screen speed and scan times

Insert ballot screen
strong arm

Durable & reliable

Rugged hardware and durable ballot box option pairs up for convenient, reliable storage and transportation to polling places

ClearCast Go in Standard Case
Swiss army knife

Adapts to meet your needs

Choose the ballot box that's right for you: storage space year-round, or a collapsible box for a smaller footprint


A seamless voting experience

Built with poll workers, election officials, and voters in mind, ClearCast Go creates a seamless voting experience for all parties involved.