Accessibility Plus

ClearMark gives voters an independent and accessible voting experience, while offering ballot verification for confidence in the process.

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Say hello to the accessible voting machine with a fast, independent voting experience that’s also verifiable and auditable.



Available as table-top or with a transport case; can be used in landscape or portrait

ClearMark Keypad Headphones
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Usability tested at Perkins School for the Blind - enables voters to make their selections privately and independently with support for multiple languages

ClearMark Spanish Language Headphones Keypad


Prints double-sided, identical, full-faced paper ballots with marked choices for voters to review and verify with a separate scanner

ClearMark Verification page
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Thermal printer and continuous paper roll print ballots in seconds reducing lines and minimizing resources: no ink, toner or pre-printed ballots needed

Printer printing Ballot