Clear Ballot Group was founded in 2009 to develop a new class of tools for election officials. 

Clear Ballot is an emerging leader in election technology innovation. Our mission is to create technology that empowers our customers to improve democracy.

Boston, MA skyline

In the heart of historic downtown Boston and right on the freedom trail, Clear Ballot is made up of a talented group of individuals from many different backgrounds including some election industry veterans. Together we bring a fresh approach to the election industry. As a team we strive to follow these principles: 

We have your back.  Whether you’re a voter or an election official, our goal is to support you. 

We believe in business in the sun.  This means transparency and confidence - from voter intent to pricing and contracting.  We are partners in this effort and will behave as such.


We are committed to modernizing elections.  Modern means easily auditable results and secure elections so you can have confidence in election outcomes.


We are focused on bringing continuous innovation to elections.  From visualization of voter intent to browser based tools and beyond, we are always finding new ways to improve election technology. 


Process improvement is second nature to us. We are constantly refining our own processes and helping our clients do the same with their own. 


We are committed to civic engagement and social responsibility. Our goal is to make voting easy and accessible for everyone, everywhere.


We believe that voting effectiveness is, should be, and will remain a nonpartisan issue around which all Americans can celebrate.


We believe in collaboration, teamwork, and growth that provides solutions for our clients and opportunities for our people.