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"I’d give Clear Ballot an 11 out of 10. We had much bigger companies that have far more states and counties, but we didn’t want the biggest, we wanted the best. Someone who could provide us with that local service, that direct contact. That gave us confidence, knowing that they had our back and we had their support."

Jerry Feaser
Director (Ret.), Dauphin County Bureau of Registration and Elections

The Clear Ballot Difference

See how using Clear Ballot has benefited our customers.

When it came time to upgrade the voting systems in Dauphin County after 35 years of continued use, Elections Director Jerry Feaser faced the task of implementing a new system that satisfied the needs of election workers, candidates, and the constituents in Dauphin County. 

For the Dauphin County Bureau of Registration and Elections, purchasing new voting equipment for nearly 200,000 voters wasn’t merely a transaction with a vendor. It marked the start of a new partnership: A partnership that values local support, quality products, and running smooth elections.

When the county’s previous voting system vendor announced they would no longer offer equipment that was certified in Pennsylvania, Jerry and his team began looking for a new vendor. After a search process that included feedback from staff, poll workers, and the public, Dauphin County chose Clear Ballot. 

“We didn’t want the biggest. We wanted someone who was the best,” said Feaser. “Someone who could provide us with that local service and that direct contact; that gave us that confidence knowing that they had our back and we had their support.” 

According to Feaser, a few things made the ClearVote system stand out from the rest during the selection process. It was the easiest to use for poll workers, his staff, and voters. It also offered product features that simplified processes for all like the write-in tool and adjudication tool. 

The Dauphin County Bureau of Registration & Elections values relationships, and the relationships they’ve built with Clear Ballot has been a highlight of the partnership so far. 

“From the very beginning we were introduced to a sales team which we still stay in communication with,” said Feaser. “We have a project manager who is our point person throughout the year in preparation for the election and any maintenance or whatever we need throughout the year, and on election day we always have two dedicated people from Clear Ballot who come in to work with us through the Logic & Accuracy process to make sure all the i’s are being dotted and t’s are being crossed.”

Feaser retired at the end of 2023 after an honorable tenure at the helm of elections in Pennsylvania’s capital city, but Dauphin County and Clear Ballot continue to build on their strong partnership.