Tabulation & Reporting

Offering unparalleled transparency to election officials nationwide.

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The first high-speed and real-time tabulation system


Vote Visualization

By analyzing both inside and outside the vote target area, every vote is counted as intended.

ClearCount vote visualization

High-resolution ballot images

ClearCount scanning technology reads pen ink of any color and produces the highest resolution ballot images on the market.

Ballot Images on ClearCount

Real-time reporting

Create a variety of reports as results are accumulated and export files into different formats for state reporting.

Reporting on ClearCount
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Digital adjudication

Preserve voter intent by digitally adjudicating ballots while keeping detailed logs of all changes.

Adjudication on ClearCount

ClearVote in Pierce County

This video is an overview of the ClearVote solution in Pierce County, Washington. Pierce has been a customer since 2017 and improves the county's transparency and confidence in election results. The County Auditor, Julie Anderson, has said that "The transparency of voter intent resolution and ballot auditing has been applauded by both political parties, as well as candidates”.