Hear from the many election officials who have benefited from Clear Ballot.

Sights Set on the Future

"We are incredibly excited to move from optical scan to digital scan technology, in partnership with an innovative, competitive company that has its sights set on the future of elections. In response to our RFP, Clear Ballot offered a superior product in nearly every regard.  As the world of elections evolves, we want Clear Ballot at our side."

  • Julie Anderson
  • Auditor
  • Pierce County, Washington

They should use this everywhere

“This is really remarkable stuff. They should use this everywhere…we had three people scanning for a period of about two weeks. They would scan about 3-4 hours a day, and they had it all done. It was truly remarkable. It was a vast improvement.”

  • Mark Earley
  • Voting Systems Manager
  • Leon County, Florida

Easy to learn ballot creation; Next generation accessibility

"The ballot creation is easy to learn. The ADA accessible new generation touch screens were very popular with Gilpin County voters young and old. The system is affordable, easy to learn, reliable, and eliminated a lot of stress during the election cycle. Gilpin County voters love the system and so does our staff.”

  • Colleen Stewart
  • Clerk and Recorder
  • Gilpin County, Colorado


“The use of Clear Ballot’s voting system saved us 5,350 work hours and approximately $60,000 in comparison to the time and money spent during our last election. 5,600 ballots had to be manually processed through our old system, but through the ClearVote system, this process is managed digitally, significantly increasing our efficiency.”

  • Stan Martin
  • Clerk and Recorder
  • Adams County, Colorado

Peace of Mind

 “Clear Ballot will give me peace of mind in every phase of the election – Clear Ballot has been the greatest advancement in the election process within the last 100 years."

  • Gertrude Walker
  • Supervisor of Elections
  • St Lucie County, Florida

Unmatched Transparency

"The vote visualization tool provides unmatched transparency that is essential to election administration."

  • Tim Scott
  • Multnomah County Clerk and Recorder
  • Multnomah County, Oregon


“The Clear Ballot system is incredibly impressive. It is very innovative and user friendly, and will be a very cost-effective solution for our county. We love it!”

  • Terri Turi
  • Coos County Clerk and Recorder
  • Coos County, Oregon

Faster Adjudication

"The ClearVote voting system has been easy to use and intuitive. The adjudication process required two people for only 45 minutes, improving the efficiency in our processes. I'm happy with the new system." 

  • Art Harvey
  • Josephine County Clerk and Recorder
  • Josephine County, Oregon

Blown away: Ballot inventory organization for a disaster relief plan

“If you’re an election official, the word perfection is all anyone expects. . . . Anything that makes our life in the public eye more clear and more confident, that’s what we should be doing.”

  • Mark Anderson
  • Supervisor of Elections
  • Bay County, Florida