(TNS) — A more than $1 million investment is being made into Clark County voting machines and the county board has picked a company to buy the machines from.

The Clark County Board of Elections selected Clear Ballot as their new voting machines. Clear Ballot will replace Election System Software, which the county has used for decades, Clark County Election Board Director Jason Baker said.

“Since the state of Ohio has given out the money for it, about 10 counties have gone with Clear Ballot,” Baker said to the Clark County Commission at a recent meeting.

Clear Ballot machines are paper-based voting systems in which every voter ends the voting process with a scannable paper ballot. Once ballots are scanned, ballot images can be viewed by election officials.

The state of Ohio has dispersed more than $114 million to upgrade voting machines throughout the state. Clark County is receiving about $1.3 million from that total, Baker said.

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