Boston, MA – Since introducing their certified audit solution, states and counties that partner with Clear Ballot to verify elections have been able to independently retabulate and validate results with increased transparency.  Clear Ballot has worked with county officials to verify the results of their 2021 elections in New York and Florida as well as the state of South Carolina to provide voters with an extra level of confidence in their results. Clear Ballot is currently working with county officials in Colorado to complete their independent tabulations for the 2021 election and the State of Maryland for their 2022 special elections. With only 20% of Americans in a recent poll expressing that they are very confident in election results, Clear Ballot is working with its customers to give voters the transparency needed to increase those numbers. 

Clear Ballot is the only certified vendor capable of tabulating all major voting systems’ ballots, offering customers the ability to independently retabulate 100% of ballots cast. Since 2020, Clear Ballot has grown its customer base for post-election verification solutions by 49%, partnering with more than 140 jurisdictions and serving over 25 million registered voters. 

“Election officials across the country are receiving an unprecedented number of questions from candidates, voters, and special interest groups about how their elections are conducted and reviewed,” said Clear Ballot CEO Bob Hoyt. “We work with our customers to independently verify their results in a way that is transparent and easy to understand. Jurisdictions can then share those results with their constituents, increasing confidence in the process and the vote totals.” 

Originally introduced, and certified in Florida, as ClearAudit, Clear Ballot disrupted the elections industry with the nation’s first independent, automated audit in 2012. Two years later, the company partnered with the State of Vermont in their first statewide deal. With increased attention on election administration and election officials facing more pressure to release accurate, transparent results quickly, the company’s Results Verification product suite has continued to adapt to the changing needs of customers with the launch of VerifyNow and VerifyNow Pro in 2021.  

Clear Ballot customers have the option to verify their election results through an import of previously scanned ballots or through a rescan of ballots on independent tabulators. Clear Ballot’s Vote Visualization technology allows jurisdictions to view ballots in detail, preserving voter intent while maintaining the integrity of the original paper ballot. Once results are verified, a comparison report is generated comparing the results of the original tabulation to the independent retabulation, increasing transparency in the vote counting process.  

“El Paso County works hard to make sure every vote is counted and verified, and Clear Ballot gives us the tools we need to provide an additional layer of validation to our election results,” said Chuck Broerman, County Clerk and Recorder of El Paso County, Colorado. “The Results Verification Solution offers our county the peace of mind and confidence that every vote was counted accurately. We’re very happy that Clear Ballot has helped us provide our voters the transparency and verification they deserve.” 

Carolyn Weigold
Marketing & Communications Manager