BOSTON – Over 1.1 million of the ballots cast in Oregon were successfully tallied using Clear Ballot’s ClearVote voting system during the Presidential General Election, improving the efficiency and transparency in their election processes. This accounts for 57% of the entire state’s electorate.

The State of Oregon certified the ClearVote system in May 2015. Clear Ballot immediately began working with Oregon Counties to determine the best solutions for updating their voting technology. Clear Ballot utilizes optical scanning with cutting-edge technology like ClearVote’s unique digital inventory of the election that minimizes ballot handling, reducing potential errors and increasing efficiency. ClearVote increases transparency by offering a complete digital database of election results that includes visual verification of every single vote.

 “Clear Ballot has enabled us to make a lot of changes to our ballot handling which has allowed us to become a lot more efficient in our processes,” said Multnomah County Election Director Tim Scott, who has been using the ClearVote voting system since 2015.   “I’m much more confident in the outcome of the election, I no longer have to trust a black box system, I can now see that the results are accurate.”

Clear Ballot is pleased to see the success of election officials throughout the country, who used its technology during last week’s general election.

“We’re thrilled that all nine counties reported smooth elections with significant improvements in speed and overall efficiencies in ballot handling processes,” said Larry Moore, CEO of Clear Ballot. “It is rewarding to know that with our system election officials were able to finish their work in a General Election much faster than they have in the past with other systems. We look forward to many more election jurisdictions finding success with voting solutions from Clear Ballot.”

About Clear Ballot:

Boston-based Clear Ballot was founded in 2009 and is an emerging leader in election technology innovation. ClearVote, the scalable Clear Ballot solution suite, harnesses modern software tools and advanced hardware to create a comprehensive voting system designed to bring greater speed, accuracy, and transparency to elections. ClearVote is easy to use and cost-effective, responding directly to the budgetary realities of America’s counties and municipalities. For more information about Clear Ballot and its Clear Vote election technology solutions, please visit:

Carolyn Weigold
Marketing & Communications Manager