BOSTON, MA -- Clear Ballot announced today that the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) has federally certified ClearVote 2.0. The new release includes a series of modifications, many of them proposed by Clear Ballot customers. New software changes include user interface and workflow enhancements, updated operating systems, improved security, as well as new hardware components.

Clear Ballot currently operates in ten states and supports over 19 million voters. As Clear Ballot continues to expand to more states, like Ohio and Pennsylvania, additional features are incorporated with valuable feedback from customers. 

Jordan Esten, Clear Ballot’s CEO, emphasizes that “Our customers are on the forefront of election administration and their feedback was instrumental in our ClearVote 2.0 product release.” He also added that “Our third federal certification in eighteen months highlights the continuous innovation we provide to new and existing customers. Through our product roadmap sessions with customers and our regional user groups, we transform ideas from customers into tangible products for them to enhance the transparency of local democracies.”
Clear Ballot is committed to ongoing innovation while staying true to its mission of tabulating human-verifiable paper ballots on which voters can easily identify their choices. Each of the three certification efforts since February of 2018 include updates to operating systems and upgrades to the most current hardware available. 

Clear Ballot uses Windows 10 Pro and Ubuntu 18.04 (Linux), the two most modern operating systems in the industry. By using the latest code base, Clear Ballot can quickly upgrade its products with new features and security updates. 

Clear Ballot looks forward to continuing to bring innovation to elections around the country through valuable customer feedback. The company will keep raising the bar in terms of security, transparency, and confidence in elections with every new certification.

About Clear Ballot: 

Clear Ballot is a U.S. based company and has become a leader in election innovation. We have introduced a new class of tools and a modern approach to voting, enabling record speed, accuracy, and transparency that election officials and the voting public have lacked. Now the fastest growing elections company in the country, Clear Ballot has the largest market share in Oregon and Washington and was named to the GovTech 100 list. In addition to the company’s rapid growth on the West Coast, Clear Ballot’s election software is used to streamline election administration processes and strengthen confidence in jurisdictions across Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Florida. Additionally, Clear Ballot conducts statewide audits in Vermont and Maryland.  


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