Jordan Esten Promoted to CEO of Clear Ballot

Boston, MA – September 6, 2018 – Clear Ballot announced today that Jordan Esten, who joined Clear Ballot in 2012 and was previously Clear Ballot’s Chief Operating Officer, is the company’s new Chief Executive Officer.  Larry Moore remains on the board.

Moore founded Clear Ballot in 2009 and has built the company into a rapidly growing leader in elections. Esten joined Clear Ballot in 2012, with responsibility for sales, marketing, customer success and operations. He has played a pivotal role in the company’s growth and success. He has been Chief Operating Officer since 2015.

“My goal is to provide election administrators the technology they need to run modern and efficient elections,” said Moore. “Jordan has been instrumental to the company's product and market expansion, so at this exciting time of growth, it feels right to pass the leadership of the company on to him. I am looking forward to seeing Jordan guide the company to its very promising future.”

Clear Ballot has sustained an annual growth rate of more than 100% over the last three years. There has been an increased interest and demand across all products – our audit solution, vote-by-mail, and precinct solutions.

Clear Ballot began providing audit as an election service in 2012. The company has since expanded, and now offers election audit services to counties across Florida, New York and the whole state of Vermont and Maryland.  

In 2015 the company introduced its vote-by-mail voting system, which led to continued growth in counties across Oregon. The company then expanded to Washington, where we continue to work with more election officials to strengthen the integrity in election administration. More than 60% of Oregon and Washington now vote with Clear Ballot. In 2017, the company expanded its vote-by-mail solution to Colorado. 

In February of 2018 the ClearVote system, including its precinct tabulation solution was federally certified by the EAC. The approval from the Commission opened the door for Clear Ballot to attain state certification in Wisconsin and Ohio. Clear Ballot ran its first precinct election in Sheboygan, Wisconsin August 2018. 

“Clear Ballot is at an inflection point and I’m excited to lead our team as we transition from early growth to rapid scaling,” said Esten. “We have a tremendous customer base that we partner closely with to drive innovation in elections.  We continue to attract new employees with experience in the latest technologies that want to apply these new techniques to something incredibly meaningful. We plan to expand our team to facilitate this growth and to drive continuous improvement for our customers.”

About Clear Ballot:

Clear Ballot is a U.S. based company and a leader in election innovation. We have introduced a new class of tools and a modern approach to voting, enabling record speed, accuracy, and transparency that officials and the voting public have asked for. Designed for ease-of-use, Clear Ballot’s browser-based software, used in conjunction with commercially available scanning hardware, scales to election jurisdictions of all sizes, and responds directly to the budgetary realities of counties and municipalities. Our election technology is certified for use in six states, and received U.S. EAC certification in February 2018. 

Carolyn Weigold
Marketing & Communications Manager