BOSTON, MA, July 10, 2017 –  Clear Ballot announced today that King County, Washington, which includes the City of Seattle, selected ClearVote™ as its new voting system.  King County is the largest jurisdiction in Washington and the 13th largest election jurisdiction in the United States with more than 1.2 million registered voters.  The county also is the largest vote-by-mail election jurisdiction.

Since 2012, Clear Ballot has provided the election industry with a modern voting platform that delivers unprecedented security, speed, and transparency.  The voting platform includes ClearAudit™, the nation’s first independent, automated audit and ClearVote, a complete, modern voting system.  The rapid adoption of both products has made Clear Ballot the fastest-growing election technology provider in the nation.  Forty-two percent of registered voters in Washington State will use ClearVote in its August elections.  Since becoming certified in Oregon two years ago, 65 percent of registered voters in the state have had their ballots counted on the ClearVote voting system.

King County selected Clear Ballot through a competitive bidding process. The ClearVote system provides election officials with an intuitive ballot layout process, and a fast, accurate tabulation system.  For the first time, King County election officials can easily design ballots in an intuitive browser environment.  The system simplifies the complex process of proofing and printing ballots, and provides a more accessible voting process for voters with disabilities.

King County will be the first jurisdiction to use high-performance intelligent scanners from ibml with ClearVote software to process vote-by-mail ballots.  The technologies will process ballots five times faster than any other voting system. 

“We are excited to update our voting system with the latest technology from Clear Ballot,” said Julie Wise, Director of King County Elections. “ClearVote meets the needs of our growing county and will enable us to process elections with greater efficiency. We’re ready for the future.”

King County’s decision to use the ClearVote system and ibml’s scanners offers a compelling vision for the increasing number of states and counties considering vote-by-mail.  King County will set a new bar for election innovation for jurisdictions that want to increase their transparency and efficiency while reducing cost.

Clear Ballot CEO Larry Moore stated, “We are honored to partner with King County to create the highest performing, most transparent voting system in the country.  With a sustained ballot scanning capacity of more than 50,000 ballots per hour, the ability to resolve the closest of elections within minutes, and the opportunity to significantly reduce costs through streamlined procedures, King County’s new voting system will be a showcase for every election jurisdiction in the United States.”


About Clear Ballot:

Clear Ballot is the leader in election innovation. Clear Ballot has introduced a new class of tools and a modern approach to voting, with the speed, accuracy and transparency that officials and the voting public have sought for decades. Designed for ease-of-use, Clear Ballot’s browser-based software, used with commercially available scanning hardware, scales to election jurisdictions of all sizes and responds directly to the budgetary realities of counties and municipalities.  Boston-based, Clear Ballot was founded by a team of experienced technologists in 2009.

Clear Ballot election technology is certified for use in Oregon, Washington and New York and is also used to conduct audits in Vermont, Florida and Maryland. Clear Ballot and the State of Maryland conducted the nation’s first 100% automated, independent statewide audit for the 2016 Presidential Election.