BOSTON, MA – Clear Ballot announced today that the Maryland State Administrator of Elections selected Clear Ballot’s ClearAudit system to conduct the nation’s first 100 percent statewide post-election audit. The audit will begin three days after Election Day on November 11 and will be completed prior to the local and state certification submission deadline for results. With 3.7 million registered voters, the audit will set a new bar for election transparency in the United States.

ClearAudit was chosen after a rigorous evaluation against two methodologies that involved a limited hand count. It was the only system that could perform a 100% audit within the certification period and have minimal impact on the local election official’s staff. Approximately 3 million ballots will be re-tabulated over a two-day period. Independently produced results will be computed for every candidate or measure on every contest across every precinct.

Clear Ballot CEO, Larry Moore said, “I look forward to working with Linda Lamone and her staff to ensure the results of the election can be presented to citizens, candidates, parties and the media with complete transparency and utter confidence. Our mission is to bridge the gap between perception and reality and help build trust in America’s voting systems.”

In a regulated industry with rigorous requirements for security, accuracy and accessibility, Clear Ballot’s technology has been gaining traction first as an independent audit system and now as a complete voting system.

In 2013, Florida became the first state to pass a statute which gave counties the option of conducting post-election audits manually or through an automated, independent method. ClearAudit became the first system authorized for use under the new statute and has been adopted in the following Florida counties: Putnam, Broward, Leon, St. Lucie, Bay, Nassau and Colombia.  

In 2014, ClearAudit was used to fulfill the statewide post-election audit statute by auditing six randomly selected Vermont towns. The Vermont Secretary of State, Jim Condos, has again contracted with Clear Ballot to audit the General Election in November.

ClearVote, the Clear Ballot voting system will be used in nine counties to process over 57% of the Oregon vote in the upcoming November General Election.

About Clear Ballot:

Boston-based Clear Ballot was founded in 2009 and is an emerging leader in election technology innovation. ClearVote, the scalable Clear Ballot solution suite, harnesses modern software tools and advanced hardware to create a comprehensive voting system designed to bring greater speed, accuracy, and transparency to elections. ClearVote is easy to use and cost-effective, responding directly to the budgetary realities of America’s counties and municipalities. For more information about Clear Ballot and its Clear Vote election technology solutions, please visit:

Carolyn Weigold
Marketing & Communications Manager