BOSTON, MA – Clear Ballot announced today that the New York City Board of Elections selected Clear Ballot as their post-election audit system. New York City will use Clear Ballot’s audit technology to do the state’s required 3% audit of their election. New York City will begin using the Clear Ballot system in 2020 elections.  

New York City will join 11 other counties in the state using Clear Ballot, totaling 16 counties (including five boroughs) and 7.8 million registered voters in New York. Clear Ballot will work with New York City to improve their audit practices and increase efficiencies in their election processes. 

Previously New York City conducted their audit by hand which could take days or weeks depending on voter turnout. The New York City Board of Elections conducted a study and found that over a four-year election cycle, a manual audit takes all five boroughs approximately 100,000 hours to complete.  The study found that using the Clear Ballot solution will reduce that to 99 hours over four years.

New York City will use a high-speed tabulation and real-time reporting system that scans ballots with commercial-off-the-shelf scanners and allows election officials to visualize voter intent. The audit system allows election officials to view ballot images in ways that have never been possible before. For example, large-scale, independent audits can be conducted with ease, close elections can be resolved with full confidence in minutes, and election officials can now have a new class of visual tools to strengthen public trust.

Clear Ballot CEO, Jordan Esten said, “We are honored to partner with New York City, a leader nationally in election administration. Creating technology that empowers our customers to improve democracy is the foundation of our company, so we’re proud to work with them to strengthen public trust for New York City elections.” 

About Clear Ballot:

As the leader in election innovation, Clear Ballot has introduced a new class of tools and a modern approach to voting, enabling unprecedented speed, accuracy, and transparency that officials and the voting public have sought for decades. Clear Ballot entered the election industry with its first product in 2012, disrupting the industry with the nation’s first independent, automated audit, and four years later has developed a complete voting system which is now the fastest growing voting system in the industry. Clear Ballot’s commitment to ease of use and modern technology means that its browser-based software runs on the most modern operating systems in the industry and will always be up to date. 

Clear Ballot conducts statewide post-election audits in Maryland and Vermont as well as in counties across Florida and New York. The ClearVote voting system is federally certified and is used in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania. 

Carolyn Weigold
Marketing & Communications Manager