BOSTON, MA - Election officials in nine states used Clear Ballot technology in the November election to deliver transparent, accurate results that voters can have confidence in.  County officials partnered with Clear Ballot to count and verify millions of absentee, in-person, and early voting ballots securely and accurately. In New York, Clear Ballot debuted ClearVote 2.4 for the first time, marking the company’s sixth certified ClearVote release in six years. 

“At Clear Ballot, our number one priority has always been supporting our customers so that they can run successful, transparent elections,” said Clear Ballot CEO Bob Hoyt. “We also remain firmly committed to continuous innovation and development, and our team is already preparing for ways to support our customers with tools and training for 2024 and beyond.” 

Looking ahead to 2024, Clear Ballot expects to partner with more than 150 jurisdictions across 13 states, supporting more than 40 million voters as they cast their ballots.  

About Clear Ballot: 

As the leader in election innovation, Clear Ballot has introduced a new class of tools and a modern approach to voting, enabling unprecedented speed, accuracy, and transparency that officials and the voting public have sought for decades. Clear Ballot entered the election industry with the nation’s first independent, automated audit in 2012 and four years later developed a complete voting system, which is now the fastest growing voting system in the industry. Clear Ballot’s election technology is currently used in thirteen states, serving more than 40 million registered voters. 

Carolyn Weigold
Marketing & Communications Manager